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Pista de Dança
Dj Andre Ozzone

Pista Anos 80:
1-Talking Heads- Psychokiller (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
2-Snap- Mary Had a Little Boy
4-Technotronic- Rockin` Over The Beat
5-Trio- Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone
6-Kid Abelha- Seu Espião
7-TNT- Identidade Zero
8-The Smiths- This Charming Man
9-The Cure- How Can I Be You
10-RPM- Revoluções Por Minuto
11-AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long
12- The Rolling Stones- Where The Boys Go
13-Bangles- Walk Like An Egyptian
14-Mystic- Ritmo De La Noche
15- Yello- Ohyeah
Pista Anos 90:
1-Jupiter Apple- Lugar Do Caralho
2-Wander Wildner- Jesus Voltará
3-De Falla- Popozuda Rock n` Roll
4-Rancid- Time Bomb
5- Guns And Roses- Sweet Child O` Mine
6-Raimundos- Me lambe
7- Blur- Boys n` Girls
8- Stereo MC`s- Step It Up
9-Double You- Please Don`t Go
10-Haddaway- What Is Love
11- Gala- Let A Boy Cry
12- Mc Zard & The Real Mcoy- Another Night
13- Ace Of Base- The Sign
14- The Offspring-Pretty Fly For The White Guy
15-AB Logic- The Hitman

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